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[Updated] PlanetSide 2's World Domination Series is putting some players off war

PlanetSide2's WDS has ruffled some feathers

SOE has kicked off their second World Domination preseason event in PlanetSide 2, tasking soldiers to fight for their empire on a global scale. With it comes new rules and new rewards, altering point values for capping, score values and a slew of other things. 

But this meta event hasn’t been welcomed by everyone, and dissent is brewing as some Corps feel that it’s ruined their experience and have scaled back their involvement.

One of the primary complaints, expressed by PS2 player DeaconOrlov on Reddit, is that the World Domination Series has turned PlanetSide 2’s conflicts into massive zergs, with huge, poorly organised groups legging it across the map swallowing up the most lucrative bases.

UPDATE: It appears that SOE have been listening to all the feedback. A tweet from creative director Matthew Higby reveals that changes are due to be announced by the end of today. Huzzah!

Original article:

“It has long been said that numbers win in this game and to a certain extent that is true if you are outnumbered by more than 2:1 odds usually you are going to lose unless you are very clever and your squads are working together well. WDS has made this problem significantly worse by influencing players to simply find the largest most mindless horde of soldiers and punishing smaller more tactically minded groups by nullifying the effect of tactics with overwhelming numbers.”

Another players sees the problem as two-fold. There’s the aforementioned zerging through the map, rushing to cap all the major bases and there’s the issue of point flipping. “[T]he Vanu were letting the NC consistently flip a point before sweeping the room and then withdrawing again to let another NC make it to points. Rinse, repeat. Biolab defence was 10 points every time, cue point whoring.”

It does, however, seem like SOE were actually trying to avoid the large 100+ zergs. The reasons for the changes in scoring were, in the worlds of SOE, “To provide more value to holding and defending territory and more value to taking territory that has been held for a long time. This also opens up a lot more strategic options for players wishing to maximize their personal contribution, the point earning of their empire, or those trying to set back another empire.”

The World Domination Series Preseason 2 started on Friday and will continue until the end of the month. The New Conglomorate is currently in the lead, but The Vanu Sovereignty and Terran Republic are close behind. If you’ve been shooting your way through Auraxis recently, what have you made of the changes?

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unwanted avatarDog Pants avatarSax avatar
Sax Avatar
4 Years ago

How successful is PlanetSide 2 these days, are there any numbers?

unwanted Avatar
unwanted(11 days 19 hours played)
4 Years ago

Weren't people already doing this? I would be on Vanu and when we started taking territory, our map percentage would jump while NC/TR would fall. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing. What fun is it when you start out with a huge advantage only to see people join the winning side?

Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(16 days 18 hours played)
4 Years ago

I'm reading it as huge deathballs roaming the map rather than one-sided server populations. I've seen both though fairly regularly. The thing with Planetside 2 is it's such a huge game that you can just go somewhere else. Let the zerg hit your own side's zerg and fight somewhere else. Not everyone will be part of it and you can have perfectly good little skirmishes elsewhere. Especially on Amerish where you can still go ninja capping if you fancy some covert ops. Similarly, if the population of one continent is huge then chances are the other two aren't going to be, so just go there instead. Works almost every time for me. I'd argue those zergs need to exist anyway in order to see the occasional 200 player battle when they meet. They're not the most fun time you'll have, but they're one hell of a spectacle.

It will be interesting to see how SOE tackle this though. If there are benefits to be had from just zerging your way through a continent then it could really upset the game. In my experience they tend to hit a warp gate and break up, but if that becomes an objective you could just get a zerg for each side on each continent. Course we'll have four continents soon, so that could be a fix in itself.