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SOE call for Planetside 2 players to test revamped “battle flow” mechanics today


SOE are in the process of completely reworking the push and pull of battle in Planetside 2. How? Er, we’re not sure yet. Ask us tomorrow. For tonight, at 5pm PDT / midnight GMT, and for the rest of the week, they’ll be trialing the results so far on the Public Test Server.

“We need your help to make this new feature work,” said Planetside 2 creative director Matt Higby on the game’s subreddit.

“We have to be able to test these changes with a high server population, and so far, despite the overwhelming community demands for a public test server, we’ve only had about 200 people at a time come on to PT to help. If you can, please come help us tomorrow, and every day this week.

“I know this time isn’t ideal for everyone on the planet, what with time zones and all that jazz, and I’d love to have people on other regions organize playtests too (we will still be able to use that data), but 5pm PDT is when we will be actively on server and focused on watching how the changes are working.”

Higby says the team “literally can not progress” in bringing the new changes to the game proper without this sort of mass-scale testing. Do you think you might spare a couple of hours to help him out?