SOE offering to double your PlanetSide 2 Station Cash and Experience Points all weekend


To celebrate and honour religion’s most popular zombie (or, more secularly speaking, the arrival of the new season), SOE are doubling Station Cash and XP in PlanetSide 2 all weekend. That is to say, for every enemy you kill and every ship you explode you’ll earn twice as much experience, and for every pound you spend on Station Cash SOE will add another. Double Station Cash and double experience kicked off at 7am this morning, so if you were planning on either grinding your character or grinding your wallet, you’d best get a move on.

SOE are also offering discounts on a big slice of the marketplace, with the following deals currently taking place. Hope you like plating, becauseit’s all plating:

  • Magrider Carapace Plating
  • Magrider Bolstered Plating
  • Magrider Spliced Plating
  • Prowler Stalwart Plating
  • Prowler Fleet Plating
  • Prowler Martial Plating
  • Vanguard Warrior Plating
  • Vanguard Scrapper Plating
  • Vanguard Bruiser Plating

The double all-the-things weekend comes to a close at 7am on Monday.