These Planetside 2 screenshots are making us ache with anticipation


The loyalties of the site’s writers are divided. We might all pull for PCGN, but in SOE’s upcoming MMO FPS PlanetSide 2, Phill will be the nonsense New Confederacy, Dan will be vacuous Vanu, and I’m heading the way of the glorious Terran Republic. It has left us all suspicious and sad. We’re no longer friends. As a peace offering to those silly enough to defect from the mother race, I have a gaggle of screenshots to entice them. Have a look at what’s probably the most technically impressive game coming to the PC.

The game’s bases are huge, shiny meccas of violence.

The world is a lush mix of high-tech and rugged terrain.

The day/night cycle will allow for interesting tactical decisions: get people to stare at the gorgeous sunsets then shoot them in the head.

Imagine the world stretching on and on and on. I can’t wait to get on the ground.

That New Conglomerate base is about to be torn a new wormhole.

That purple can only mean one thing: Dan is incoming, and he’s probably out of control.

Inside: a warren of corridors to fight for.

I’m honestly going to die a hundred times because of views like this.

It’s not all glorious, gorgoues landscapes: there’s some dirty work to do.

Sony have confirmed Pet Explosions as an unlockable: they follow you around, continually combusting.

Who need stealthy camo when you’re dressed like the wall?

Someone at Crytek is weeping: this is what Crysis Wars should have been.