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Platforms collide: War Thunder to introduce cross-platform multiplayer soon

War Thunder cross-platform

Cross-platform multiplayer is an interesting conundrum when PC is involved. War Thunder comes out on PS4 tomorrow in North America, followed by its release in Europe, Russia and Australia on June 5th. Soon after, the universes will collide, and PS4 players will face off against their PC cousins on the ground and in the sky. 

The problem with cross-platform multiplayer is usually an issue with controls. PC users have greater flexibility and potentially greater precision thanks to mouse and keyboard set ups. I skill based games that prize accuracy, that edge usually means PC players are more likely to dominate their console counterparts.

That said, a skilled player is going to have an edge over an inexperienced one regardless of what control method they use. Since War Thunder uses matchmaking, ostensibly pitting players of equal quality against each other, or at the very least creating slightly more balanced teams, the control issue might not be a problem at all.

In the end, what it really means is a larger community instead of two smaller ones. And that’s what is going to keep a F2P game like War Thunder going. Would you lovely lot take issue with playing against console folk, or if you picked it up on PS4, would you really mind if you were fighting against your PC chums?

Cheers, RPS.