Play Splash Damage’s Dirty Bomb alpha now… for $120


Splash Damage are opening up early testing for their London-based multiplayer FPS for those who are willing to pay for it. Players can jump into the game’s alpha version now for $120. For $240, they can have their name in the credits and influence development via a Splash Damage IRC channel.

“We have always believed that multiplayer is more thrilling than single player,” write the developers on a newly updated site. “We’re dedicated to the perfection of team play. We are committed to developing games that our fans can enjoy for months and years.

“We’ve taken the unprecedented step of opening up Dirty Bomb’s alpha for private testing by fans. Sign up now to help shape Dirty Bomb!”

The $30 ‘Veteran’ package comes with priority access to alpha and beta versions of the game, while the $60 ‘Elite’ package adds a limited edition soundtrack EP and a real-life gun tag. You’ll need to pay $120, though, to gain immediate access to the alpha – but will get a t-shirt and art book thrown in for your steep contribution.

The developers seem to have taken a few leaves from Kickstarter’s most successful projects, trading extra funding for a say in the game’s direction. To that end, the $240 Contributor Pack and $320 Founder Pack provide access to VIP Forums and a developer IRC channel. There fans can “have an even greater voice” and ensure Splash Damage “focus on areas important to them personally”.

Take a look at the accompanying video, which talks up Splash Damage’s fancy map data and weapon balance analysis tech, named Echo:

“At Splash Damage, we believe that gamers should be able to enter a multiplayer game confident that it’s well-balanced, compatible with their hardware, and as bug-free as possible,” say the developers.

“To take full advantage of Echo’s capabilities, we’re letting you play Dirty Bomb right now at the alpha stage. Every single multiplayer match in the closed alpha helps shape what Dirty Bomb becomes. All you need to do is get playing.”

You’ll need to cough up first, of course. Will you?