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The Limbo and Inside studio is going 3D, third-person, and sci-fi for its next game

The makers of two brilliantly downbeat 2D platformers are tired of the limitations of two dimensions

playdead next game

Playdead, the studio that brought us the acclaimed 2D platformers Limbo and Inside, is tired of the “limitations in 2D games” and will adopt a third-person perspective for its next project, which will be bigger and more open than its previous offerings.

That’s according to Arnt Jensen, Playdead’s founder and game director of Limbo, Inside, and the ongoing project, in an interview with Danish site DR. Via Google Translate, Jensen says:

“It will be a little bigger game than the other two. It becomes more open and then it becomes a third-person game with a much larger area that you can move around. I’ve been tired of the limitations in 2D games. We have been through all over the past many years.”

Jensen reiterates that Playdead’s next game will be a science-fiction adventure – last month, we heard it will be “a fairly lonely sci-fi game somewhere in the universe.” In case the mention of loneliness didn’t give it away, Jensen now adds that it will draw on “the same feelings as the other two games”, using the word “melancholy”. If you speak Danish or enjoy Google Translate, you can read Jensen’s latest interview in full at DR (via OnlySP).

Earlier this year, Playdead teased its next project with a piece of art, showing a suitably lonely figure in the mouth of a circular tunnel against a cold white landscape.