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PUBG’s Taego changes update is on the test server

Expect secret rooms and faulty planes.

PUBG Taego Release Times

PUBG’s latest map, Taego, is getting a raft of tweaks and improvements to better the experience of playing it. While the map was only released earlier this month, the PUBG team has already pushed an update to the test server to address fan feedback.

The PUBG team has “dramatically” increased the number of care packages you’ll see each game through additional tiny airdrops, which should afford more of you the chance to hunt them down and snag some loot. You’re also getting a secret room you can access filled with loot if you find a key – expect self-AED, scopes, care package items, and a large number of healing items and throwables. When out and about, you’ll also notice that emergency pickups, C4, and spike traps have been added, whereas the spawn rates on stocks, stun grenades, and molotov cocktails have decreased.

In a more harrowing change, there’s a chance the plane might crash at the start of the game. The emergency landing plane will move swifter than you’re used to, encouraging people to exit the aircraft sooner. Or you can ride it until the end and take 50% damage – your choice.

Alongside this, there are some visual improvements to the Sanhok map, and you’ll also find a raft of weapon changes. If you’d like to read them in full, you can find the blog post here.

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