PUBG crafting confirmed as 18.2 patch report reveals Deston details

PUBG is officially getting a skin crafting system, as the full patch report for 18.2 reveals more details about Deston, including biomes and new gear

PUBG is officially getting a skin crafting system, as the 18.2 full patch report shows off the new map, Deston, and the various mechanics, biomes, and weapons that will be added to the battle royale on July 13.

Crafting in PUBG will be completed via an out-of-game menu called the Workshop, whereby players can either unlock or purchase keys to open chests which contain the various materials required to build custom outfits. The patch report explains how this will allow players to create or obtain “legacy” skins which previously appeared in PUBG, but have been removed in subsequent versions. Patch 18.2 will also launch with a variety of new cosmetics, and more will be added as season 18 continues. It’s not quite the extensive system we had hoped for when we first heard of crafting in PUBG — our dream of attaching a grenade launcher to the frying pan will have to wait a bit longer — but it’s a start.

Also described in the patch report are some extra details on Deston, the new 8 x 8 map set within a decaying, coastal city. We’ve previously seen the new ascender gadget, a kind of automatic pulley that allows you to zip up buildings and vertical faces almost instantly, but what we hadn’t considered was how, once you reached the top of a skyscraper or one of the new cell towers, you’d get back down. Well, it turns out that when you’re playing on Deston you get an infinite, reusable parachute added to your inventory automatically, so you can scale whatever you like, then bug out just as quickly if things get too hot.

Deston seems to be designed entirely around verticality – as well as the ascender and the parachute encouraging you to battle for the high ground, the patch report reveals that the city area of the new map will feature the tallest buildings in PUBG to date, ideal if you manage to get your hands on an M24 and 12x scope, not so ideal if the best you can find is a Skorpion and level one helmet.

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PUBG version 18.2 launches on July 13. If you’re in the UK, it should be playable from around 10:30 AM, whereas players on the United States’ East Coast should be able to try it out from 5:30 AM.