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Neymar Jr loves PUBG, streams himself playing Deston

PSG frontman Neymar Jr is still a massive fan of PUBG, and plans to livestream himself playing the new map Deston to mark the launch of 18.2

Neymar's head on the PUBG wallpaper

PUBG has a major fan in the form of PSG right winger, and Brazilian international, Neymar Jr. It’s a sweet if slightly strange love affair – I personally find it hard to understand how a multi-millionaire, with the world at his fingertips, as it were, comes to choose playing online battle royale games as his preferred way of killing time. If it were me, I would just, I dunno, lie around a yacht – or at least play PUBG from a yacht.

But if you can’t win the Champions League you may as well win a chicken dinner, and that’s exactly what Neymar is planning on July 14, as he takes to Facebook to livestream himself and his PUBG squad battling it out on the new map, Deston, which launched with version 18.2

This is far from the first time Neymar has streamed PUBG. There’s even a video compilation of some of his best kills (he’s actually not bad, you know), and he’s also apparently a keen player of CS:GO, where he supposedly owns a catalogue of premium weapon skins, which I guess, if you’re on $4.4m dollars a month you’re entitled to.

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Nevertheless, this is the first time Neymar has officially partnered with PUBG and Krafton, with the livestream kicking off on his Facebook channel at 9AM Pacific Time, or 5PM if you’re in the UK. Teaming up with Gaulês, Netenho, and Sparklingg, three content creators from South America, Neymar will compete against a roster of other PUBG hopefuls for the chance to win some in-game g-coin. Personally, I’d like to see a four on four showdown between Neymar et al, and Mbappe, Messi, Paulo Dybala (who apparently likes PUBG mobile), and maybe Ramos on C4 duty. You can but hope.

Various other Neymar-related events, both in and out-of-game, are planned for PUBG throughout the rest of 2022, though details on those remain unannounced. If you fancy a go on Deston yourself – and maybe picking off a world-class footballer or two – it’s out now and comes with a bunch of new features. You should also check out our PUBG tips guide.