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Update, May 3: Update 12 for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now live. It’s perhaps the biggest patch for PUBG since its 1.0 release in December, and brings with it the formidable Mirado vehicle and the new SLR weapon (see original story, below). The developers have crammed in a few extra improvements too.

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In addition to all the additions previously outlined, the game will now remember your reticle settings, there’s an update for the reticle on the 3x scope, vertical mouse sensitivity is set to 0.7 as the default, and punching no longer slows down movement while sprinting. You can read the full updated patch notes right here.

The developers also note that the Target Practice pan is only around for a limited time, and will not be available for purchase from May 17 onwards.

Original story, April 26:PUBG’s latest patch is arguably the biggest since the game’s full release back in December. Update 12 brings balance to a whole load of weapons, but also adds a new vehicle, a new rifle, and a host of new weapon attachments.

The new vehicle is the Mirado. It’s a fast, four-seater muscle car, which will spawn solely around Miramar’s city streets. It’s pretty sturdy, but PUBG Corp say it’s designed strictly for staying on the road; while the pickup is fine for heading across country, the Mirado will struggle if it’s forced off the tarmac.

The new weapon, the SLR, was previously announced when PUBG Corp released their roadmap earlier this year. It’s a Designated Marksman Rifle which uses 7.62mm ammo, and comes with a 10-bullet magazine by default.

Along with the new weapon, there’s a host of new attachments. Two new scopes – the 3x and the 6x – are now available, as well as various grips to change recoil. There’s also the Duckbill, which reduces the vertical bullet spread on the S1897 and S12K shotguns. You can also now change the reticle style on certain scopes – the Red-dot, Holographic, and 2x scopes can now be changed.

Update 12 also introduces a series of changes to weapon balance – Assault Rifles have been nerfed so there’s no objective ‘best’ choice, SMGs have been changed to be better at close range, and shotguns now have higher damage and a better effective range. Other changes come to grenades, which are now all lighter (other than the frag grenade, which is heavier). Level three helmets now only spawn in supply drops, you can now swim for less time, to avoid players hiding underwater, and map selection is now available.

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