Become a PUBG hall monitor and report cheaters – all through Discord

PUBG's getting a new anti-cheat reporting method - through Discord

Like many of the other online multiplayer games and battle royale games out there, PUBG sees its fair share of cheaters. Late last year, developer PUBG Corp. said the PUBG cheating problem was such that it was still banning around 100,000 cheaters a week. Now, however, the studio’s announced a new method of tackling the issue, with an initiative that lets players report suspected cheaters through Discord.

According to a post from the dev on the game’s subreddit, the new “community anti-cheat initiative” is “a specific channel in Discord which gives players the ability to submit reports via the PUBG Discord”, which will open up once an application period for “community reporters” roles is complete. The way it’ll work hinges on submitted reports being “peer reviewed by other players with a long history of good standing in the community”. PUBG Corp. will then apply the “appropriate sanction”.

The dev explains players will need to meet “strict evidence requirements” when filing reports, and that they can report on occurrences that fall under the following categories: “cheating”, “teaming”, “discrimination”, “exploiting game vulnerabilities”, “inappropriate nicknames”, and “teamkilling”.

The reports themselves need to include the “exact name of the player being reported, infraction type, platform (PC, console, Stadia), video evidence of infraction, and explanation of infraction, including [the] date”.

The studio stresses that the new initiative is not a replacement for in-game reporting, as those “will always be the most efficient means to report players”, however it explains that “even with the best automated systems, with millions of players some slip through the cracks”. The post adds that, while this community-based form of anti-cheat might be “less efficient in terms of quantity”, it is “a more efficient way to ensure that players like this are identified”.

You can find the Reddit post here if you’re keen to find out more about how the new initiative works or apply for a “community reporters” Discord role.