Men and women compete together in PUBG’s five-year esports plan

The PUBG esports plan was announced ahead of the PUBG Global Invitational

PUBG Corp has committed to a five-year plan for the future of PUBG esports. The announcement, which came at a press conference ahead of the PUBG Global Invitational, which takes place this week in Berlin, outlines how the company will attempt to grow the battle royale’s esports scene over the next several years.

A statement from PUBG Corp CEO Changhan Kim says that 2018 will be the year that the company builds the groundwork for the PUBG esports system. Speaking at the conference, Kim said that official regional leagues will launch in 2019, and will be followed by a world championship.

PUBG Corp’s aims are for those leagues to continue to at least 2022, by which time they will be “globally recognised.” That vision will be helped along by an improved viewing experience, with a simplified UI and streams dedicated to individual teams. Players will also benefit from a revenue-sharing system which allows them to make money from licensed in-game cosmetic items, and male and female players won’t be separated into different leagues.

Kim also said that PUBG Corp does “not want to use esports as a marketing tool,” and that the company “will be fully committed to the scene.” Official competitions will take place alongside amateur tournaments, as well as events hosted by third parties.

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