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PUBG update 6.2 dramatically changes grenades - here’s how

PUBG's grenades are very different in update 6.2

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Grenades and other throwables have been a hotly discussed topic in PUBG circles of late. Players have been questioning and debating the way they work in the battle royale game’s combat, and it looks like developer PUBG Corp. has decided to mix things up a bit. PUBG patch 6.2 brings a raft of changes – and those pesky frag grenades are in for a nerf.

The PUBG update grenade changes have impacted the frag type grenades most of all this patch, tweaking multiple aspects from how much damage they can deal to their carry weight. The damage handed out by frags to prone players is now 20% less than before and vests can “now mitigate damage received from frag grenades”. Plus, their durability won’t be negatively impacted from being struck by frags, either.

The amount of damage mitigated depends on the level of the vest equipped, with the “same percentage reduction as for bullet damage”. Frags’ item weight has also been increased by 50% and they now take up 27 inventory space, up from just 18 before. They’re louder now, too; pulling a frag pin makes more of a noise and can be heard from further away.

It’s not just frags that are being targeted with changes, though. Smoke grenades now have a much reduced fuse time of one single second (down from three), and stun grenades have also been tweaked, with added “indirect hit effect radius”, ringing sounds now penetrate walls to hit players, and you’ll see a “slight camera shake” if you’re near an explosion. Finally, Molotov cocktails’ fire spreads 50% faster and a little further, and it even does more damage.

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Additional reporting by Oscar Dayus.