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PUBG now has an official lore site

There's already a selection of pages on PUBG stories, characters, and artifacts to eyeball


October 15, 2020 The PUBG lore site has now launched.

In July last year, ahead of the battle royale game’s Season 4, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got its first batch of official lore. A cinematic trailer explored the “the first lone survivor of Erangel” – the multiplayer game’s setting – and, since then, we’ve seen other nuggets of PUBG’s backstory appear. Now, an official website dedicated to PUBG lore has launched.

Developer PUBG Corp. recently tweeted another ‘lore drop’ about its new map Paramo (which has just hit the PUBG test server), teasing that there was “more at lore.pubg.com“. At the time, the website wasn’t fully launched – it just had a background image alongside an option to “get notified” by email of more information when available and was “launching soon” according to a Google search of the site. But now, there’s plenty more to check out.

“You want to know more about the Battlegrounds, right?”, the site’s ‘welcome’ page reads. “Who runs them? Why? What is a ‘chicken dinner’? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

“This site will aim to answer those questions, but also show you our world is more than just the Battlegrounds. We will frequently update it with fresh content, telling you about the characters, places, and stories in the PUBG universe, as well as clues for future projects and upcoming games. Are you curious about what mysteries exist beyond the battlegrounds? Come on in and find out…” the page adds.

For now, there’s a brief selection of pages on some of PUBG lore’s characters, stories, artifacts, and news, with two instalments in a ‘Malcontent’ series of short stories. It’s not clear how they all tie together just yet, but with pages on topics like “the Paramo stone”, and given the new tweet above, it seems much of it feeds into narratives surrounding the game’s new map.

You can find the PUBG lore site here if you’re curious to find out more. We also have some PUBG weapons and PUBG glider spawns guides if you’re on the lookout for some tips.