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PUBG’s Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with “exclusive” themed rewards

It's all about those Lucky Points

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets a new in-game event to celebrate the Lunar New Year starting today, which brings some new “exclusive” goodies to the battle royale game. Appropriately named the PUBG 2021 Lunar New Year Event, the festival lets you unlock a bunch of in-game items by completing gameplay and login goals while it’s live.

The way the event works is by letting you earn ‘Lucky Points’ that you can use to claim various Lunar New Year-themed prizes. To get started, you have to connect up to the event by clicking on the relevant banner in-game if you’re playing on our home platform (if you’re on Steam or console, you can alternatively log into your PUBG account or create a new account). Then, you can choose to complete the daily tasks on offer to scoop up Lucky Points.

For example, you’ll score some points by completing objectives like logging into the PUBG game lobby and hopping in during the Lunar New Year (February 10-14) and the weekend following (February 20-21).

Additionally, getting stuck into any duos or squad matches for five minutes or more – whether normal or ranked – and playing any three normal or ranked matches for five or more minutes will rack you up some Lucky Points, too. If you create a PUBG account and link it up to your gaming platform of choice (“Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia only”), you’ll get a one-time Lucky Point bonus.

Rewards on offer can be claimed for various quantities of Lucky Points, ranging from just one to 29. Goodies are platform-specific, PUBG Corp says, and can include things like ‘Throwback’ crates, Queen’s Guard cosmetics (a sword, hat, and outfit), and – for the 29 points – a victory dance emote. You can track your progress towards earning them by heading to the event page or clicking the in-game banner.

The PUBG Lunar Year event starts today and runs until February 23, and it’s worth noting any points collected don’t carry over once the event’s over, so you’ll need to spend them on the themed prizes while the festival’s on. Head to PUBG’s site here to find out more.