PUBG’s maps are getting remastered, starting with Erangel

Datamined map changes are confirmed to be part of an ongoing remaster project, beginning with its oldest map

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PUBG Corp has confirmed that it’s looking to remaster its battle royale maps, starting with Erangel. Last week, dataminers uncovered evidence of a new-look version of the map on the test servers, and posted their findings to Reddit. Today, the game’s developers confirmed that those leaks were part of an ongoing redesign process.

The announcement states that “we are working on new ways to balance loot and otherwise improve our maps, Erangel being the first.” New compounds are a potential part of those changes, but there’ll also be a few tweaks to map layout. The changes are scheduled to begin the testing process in the coming weeks, but there’s no concrete date for their actual release.

The datamined images show off the addition of several new compounds scattered across the map, but they haven’t gone down particularly well the community, many of whom seem concerned that Erangel could become too similar to the more close-knit maps like Sanhok and Vikendi. Thankfully, PUBG Corp has stepped in to allay some of those fears.

It says that “leaked images are usually just a snapshot in time and rarely represent the entire plan or scope of what’s being worked on.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that these changes won’t appear in some form or another, but does at least suggest that what we can see right now is very much a work in progress.

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While there was no word on the continuation of this process, the idea that Erangel will be the “first” map to change implies that Miramar and Sanhok might also undergo some tweaks. It’s entirely possible that snowy Vikendi also changes, but given that it only released relatively recently, I’d be more surprised if that were the case.