PUBG will soon add a Sanhok-exclusive pickup truck


You’ll soon be able to putter around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Sanhok map in a scrappy pickup truck. The official PUBG Twitter account posted a short clip of the new vehicle, called the Rony, Saturday afternoon and said it’ll be coming to PUBG’s test servers soon.

Like the rest of PUBG’s vehicles, the Rony has seen some wear and tear. It’s a small-size flatbed, the kind they don’t make in America anymore. It’ll only be found on Sanhok, and PUBG Corp says it’s excellent for traveling over Sanhok’s hilly terrain. 

Style-wise, it looks like the Rony is based on late ‘80s/early ‘90s Japanese utility vehicles like the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, or Toyota’s 1988 pickup. These are some of the most reliable and long-lasting little workhorse vehicles made in the last several decades, and the Rony ought to feel right at home in PUBG’s lived-in environments.

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You’ll be able to fit a full squad in the Rony, with two players seated in the crew cab and two in the bed in back. From the video clip, it looks like the two players in back will have a free 360 degrees of vision around the truck, including the ability to fire over the crew cabin. However, they’ll also be far more vulnerable to incoming fire.

At just 16 square kilometers, Sanhok isn’t a map that necessitates vehicles the way Erangel and Miramar do. It doesn’t take long to find either gear or action on Sanhok, but having a truck around could still be a handy way to get your squad to an optimal position ahead of the competition.

We don’t know yet when exactly the Rony will show up on the test servers, but these announcements usually mean it’ll be a short wait. In the meantime, you can read up on our Sanhok tips to get a better feel for what the tropical island has in store.