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PUBG’s snow map has a space base and frozen lake - come see

A dataminer has recreated PUBG's upcoming snow map, offering a look at its castle, cosmodrome, and frozen lake

PUBG snow map

A dataminer has provided a closer look at PlayerUnknonw’s Battlegrounds’ upcoming snow map. Leaked files have allowed the dataminer to recreate the map, which is dubbed Dihor Otok, and you can take a look at a flyover of some of its key features in the video towards the bottom of this article.

The flyover begins in the north of the map, and the camera first heads to Cosmodrome, an abandoned space base which still has a rocket standing at its centre. From there the camera pans down the frozen river in the north, arriving at a moated castle, complete with towers and underground cellars.

The camera then moves around the map’s southern coast, taking a brief look at some of the settlements there, before moving to the Cement Factory. Initial impressions suggest that this looks a little like the Mylta Power Stations in the south-east of the game’s Erangel map, or some of the more industrial areas of Miramar. From there, the camera moves along the north coast, taking in some docks, before ending above a frozen lake to the north-west.

We’ve already seen some of this, of course. PUBG’s Dihor Otok map has already been leaked, and dataminers have uncovered some of the textures around places like the Cosmodrome and Castle. This is the closest look we’ve had so far however, but while it puts some of those previously uncovered assets in context, the dataminer does acknowledge that “this is a recreation of the map and is almost certainly not 100% accurate.”

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The dataminer goes by the name allthenewsisgoodnews, and they’ve been answering questions about the map on Reddit. Most importantly, they suggest that the footprints we saw in the map’s first teaser will likely come to the game, and that snow “will be dynamic and similar to fog.” They also confirm that the castle’s towers are accessible, but won’t be a perfect haven for snipers – there are plenty of ways in and out, and it’ll be easy to lob in a grenade to sort out anyone camping out at the top.

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battleground map is currently set to arrive in Autumn 2018, with no more specific release date currently on offer. My assumption is that we’ll start seeing more detailed information from the developers over the coming weeks, ahead of a release towards the end of the year, ut keep your eyes peeled.