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PUBG’s new Paramo map is now on the test server

You can also try out all the other changes coming to Season 9

PUBG has a new map on the way, and you can now give it a whirl ahead of Season 9’s official launch. Developer PUBG Corporation revealed on its website that Paramo is on the test server alongside all the tweaks and updates that are coming with update 9.1.

PUBG’s Paramo map is 3×3 in size, hosts up to 64 players, and changes every time you visit it. The map has a volcano in the stages of erupting so you’ll notice streams of lava in different places each time you drop in. Paramo also has more map hazards. If you’re outside of the blue zone, you’ll receive more damage in comparison to other maps. You can also find yourself outside of the play zone, which leads to instant death if you hang about for too long. To combat all the new dangers, though, there’s a new item called Critical Response Kit that can revive one of your downed teammates in one second.

You’ll also notice the presence of support helicopters. Paramo has a high elevation so they’ll drop you off and ferry cargo to outside the play area. If you fancy yourself a decent shot, you can gun ’em down and force them to release lootable cargo early.

PUBG’s season 9 release date is October 21 on Steam and comes with a new ranked season and a new survivor pass. The former will include ranked solo queue, and the latter will come with Paramo-themed rewards.

It’s also worth noting that the Highlands survival pass is only running for two months this time around and will be quicker to complete because of that. If you hit level 50, you’ll snag all the goodies it has to offer.

Other smaller tweaks are being tested, too, on the PTR. The ranked mode ruleset has changed, and the Beryl and SLR weapons have been slapped with some nerfs as they were quite decent. If you want a full rundown of the patch notes, you can hit the link above.