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PUBG’s Taego adds Train To Busan and Marvel’s Eternals star Don Lee

PUBG's Taego cinematic trailer boasts Don Lee, star of Train To Busan and Marvel's Eternals, and gives a good look at the map.

PUBG Taego Don Lee

A new cinematic trailer for the upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Taego update has been released, which gives a good look at the map – but more importantly, makes it seem as if Train To Busan and Marvel’s Eternals star Don Lee is a playable character.

The new CGI trailer went up today in advance of next week’s big Taego update, which goes live on July 7 and adds a brand new map as big as the original Miramar to PUBG – not to mention a bunch of new features, of which some are highlighted in the new trailer. These include a self-revive mechanic and the Hyundai Pony Coupe, which seems to be officially licensed and not a lookalike.

The big news is the appearance of South Korean-American actor Don Lee/Ma Dong-seok, who is best known as Sang-hwa in iconic zombie movie Train To Busan and will be seen as Gilgamesh in Marvel’s Eternals later this year. Earlier this week, Lee appeared in the “PUBG Universe” live-action short ‘Ground Zero’, which ties into Taego – and now, it seems like his character will make the jump to the game itself and may possibly be playable.

Also of note in the cinematic trailer is a really good aerial view of the entire Taego map alongside ground-level looks at several locations, including a port, prison, and airbase – which also appeared in the Taego ‘Private Tour’ that was previously released this week.

Expect more from both the Taego map and Don Lee’s character as PUBG approaches the big update on Wednesday, especially as players begin sharing looks from the test servers – if they haven’t already. The game may even be getting new content from a scrapped PUBG sequel, although take that part with a grain of salt.