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Polaris Sector brings 4X strategy and factional squabbles to Steam today

Polaris Sector

There are some fascinating 4X games on their way to us, but here’s one already in our system: the Slitherine-backed Polaris Sector. Polaris is the bright star, representing hope and faith, but the surrounding environs don’t follow suit – offering supernovas and suspicious factions instead.

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4X players tend to like their universes highly configurable, and Polaris Sector is certainly that. Its randomly generated galaxy can host up to 900 stars, a variable number of races, and as many pirates and external threats as you want.

Ship design is equally freeform, allowing you to turn a corvette into a drone carrier, or a freighter into a scout – the latter fit for finding new planets to colonise and empires to trade with. There’s real-time tactical combat, but auto-resolve is always an option.

Sound like your sort of space game?