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Portal 2 level editor can now build co-op levels


Bloody hell. I just had a look at the Portal 2 workshop just so that I could get my facts straight, and there’s over 170 THOUSAND maps on there. If you follow the rule that 90% of everything is bad, that’s still 17 THOUSAND good maps (I’m good at maths). All of them for the single player, and all of them free to download. 
And now Valve have only gone and made the wonderfully intuitive level editor even more wonderful by letting you make coop levels in it. Which is going to be bloody huge.

As brilliant as the Portal 2 single player is, I’ve got my fondest memories of the co-op, introducing people who haven’t played games, or an FPS, before to Portal by literally lending a helping hand. It’s pretty incredible how it forces a skilled player to adjust their pace to that of a newbie, and then makes that newbie feel just as useful as the experienced Portaler.

Hopefully that never has to stop, now that people are going to go nuts making coop level after co-op level. I bet the next time a Portal 2 level editor story comes along, that number will be closer to 300 THOUSAND. That’s a lot of thousands (I’m good at maths).