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HTC address influx of questions over Vive launch woes with a big old FAQ


After presumably being hammered with questions over late shipping, tracking codes and processed orders, HTC have finally addressed Vive’s launch issues in a FAQ. 

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Oculus Rift recently ended up covering shipping costs on pre-orders because of launch issues, but it’s not quite that desperate for HTC Vive, just yet. While their VR headsets have been slightly delayed, they say orders will still arrive with customers on the month stated in customers’ confirmation emails.

As for those who paid for express shipping and ended up with economy shipping, a refund is incoming, and HTC “apologise for any inconvenience”. The company didn’t specify exactly what issues they’ve been having with shipping, but it seems like they’re on track to sort it out.

Orders are still being shipped out on first come, first served basis. While a small number of orders at the beginning of April were shipped out of order, this has since been corrected.

Head over to the HTC blog to read the full FAQ.