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HTC Vive out now, along with 50 titles to help you escape the crushing tedium of life


The first batch of HTC Vive VR headsets started landing today, along with over 50 Steam titles, including Valve’s The Lab.

VR will have made it when we get VR titles in our list of the best PC games.

One of the main issues with showing VR to people who haven’t experience it is how to get across how it feels without actually strapping a massive thing to their head.

Valve are hoping they’ve solved that issue with Vive’s launch video, which uses green screen technology to show us the environments the players are flailing at.

They certainly look slightly less daft when you can actually see their surroundings. Maybe I’ll get one installed in my living room, so everyone can see I’m actually quite cool. Surely everyone will marvel at my pretend bow skills or how I fearlessly stare down an imaginary whale.

If that video gets you all giddy, you can order a Vive from the official site. Now, to temper that excitement, read why Phil thinks VR is doomed to failure.