See Portal completed without using the mouse to look around


If you’ve ever played Portal, you’ll know how disorienting it can be. Now, imagine playing it to completion, only you can’t look around. At all. 

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Yep, one player has completed Portal without using the mouse to look around. That means they have to scuttle through the game like a crab and even run backwards through large sections.

This feat was accomplished by YouTuber Imanex, who has clearly spent an unhealthy amount of time studying Portal, to the point where they can zoom through the levels without even looking where they’re going.

They can’t look up, they can’t look down, and they can’t look left and right. It’s incredible to witness and it gives me the fear. It’s like watching someone play an FPS for the first time, except they’re still amazing despite not being able to wrap their head around movement and aiming simultaneously.

Have a watch above. Imanex will be releasing a commentary video soon, to explain how they do it. Honestly, it’s so fast that it’s hard to even tell what’s going on, so this is welcome.