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An AR developer brings Portal to your living room via HoloLens

Portal HoloLens

It’s not official, but this little work-in-progress project shows what it would feel like to have fun with portals in your own house. 

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Created by a man with a letter for a surname, Kenny W, the AR game allows you to toss around companion cubes and create portals on your walls, ceiling, and floor.

It’s developed in Unity and works with HoloLens, but it’s Kenny’s personal project. Luckily, there are videos of it in action, just like the one embedded above.

How great it must feel to stand there, Portal gun in hand, flinging cubes around your living room. It’s like the modern version of launching a tennis ball at your wall because you’re bored.

You can even roll the cube down some stairs, as it’s fully interactive with the environment. The only thing that could make it look better is if the portals showed an image of their destination. Now that would mess with your mind.

Hopefully Valve create something similar with their VR and AR projects. Kenny, if you’re reading this, please do SuperHot next. Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks, PCGamer.