The post-Christmas coverage continues, Julian is alone.


I’ve been left to captain the good ship PCGamesN while the rest of the crew take their shore leave on the tropical island of Steam sale and its archipelago of Christmas dinner leftover sandwiches. I can hear all their screams of mirth and joy drift in to this cold iron bridge as I sit at the chilly helm.

I’m all alone.

Though, as I’m here, on my own, free to do what I wish without any editorial overhead, I can let loose a little. Share with you my game of the year and what I’m excited for in 2013. I may even have a game or two to give away.

If I’m to follow the format that Paul laid down yesterday, then I need to tell you about Christmas at Benson manor. Well, as I’m the son of two priests, it was celebrated as the Lord would have wished, in silent respect for his Son’s birthday. We broke at lunch for our traditional mistletoe soup (recipe included below) exchanged gifts – a new copy of Fordyce’s sermons, thank you for your interest – and returned to our quiet reflection. In the evening we indulged, listening to a recording of a Christmas edition of Songs of Praise from 1967.

When I was able to break away from the festivities I played Bulletstorm to level out the Puritanism.

Mistletoe soup (serves four)

You will need:
One sprig of mistletoe
One litre of water

  1. Place the mistletoe in a pan filled with the water and bring to the boil.
  2. Serve.
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