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Postal dev is “not against” videogame piracy

Postal developer Running With Scissors tells players they “can pirate,” but encourages people to make financial donations to their favorite indie game creators.

Postal piracy: A sinister-looking man holding a shotgun in classic PC game Postal

Postal creator Running With Scissors says that it is “not against pirates,” explaining how many fans of the FPS game series “started” by acquiring shooters like Postal 4 through videogame piracy. After dropping a surprise Steam update for Postal 2 earlier this year, Running With Scissors tells players that if they do pirate a game, they should also consider offering alternative “financial support” to developers.

Creators of the Postal series, which began with the eponymous isometric shooter back in 1997, Running with Scissors has since solely developed two sequels in the form of Postal 2 and Postal 4. Postal 3, from 2011, was created in collaboration with Trashmasters, but has since been informally disowned by RWS.

Famous for its violence, vulgarity, and wilful bad taste, Postal remains one of the most unique shooter series on PC. Now, Running With Scissors says that it is “not against pirates,” while making an appeal to players to otherwise financially support developers.

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“We are not against pirates,”the studio says. “Many people who support us these days have started by pirating our games before buying the games legit. Do keep in mind, indie developers like us will only be able to do new and cool stuff with financial support. You can pirate, but consider supporting.”

Running With Scissors also offers a response to one fan who asks whether the studio has a “limit” when it comes to videogame piracy. “So, you won’t pursue people who share your games?” the fan asks. “Or is there a limit at which you will? Can I set up a website with free distribution of your games?”

“I’ve seen people being arrested for less,” Running With Scissors replies.

Postal piracy: A tweet from Postal 2 and FPS game developer Running With Scissors discussing videogame piracy

The comments from Running With Scissors follow a huge, surprise update for Postal 2, which arrived in April and added new difficulty settings and Steam Deck support for the 20-year-old shooter. In typical Postal fashion, the update also introduced a new weapon in the form of a ‘Cat Launcher.’

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