Running With Scissors make Postal open source


Ah, Postal. It’s been almost 20 years since you baited mainstream newspapers and introduced the world to the grimy side of gaming. Looking at the game now, through modern eyes, it all seems pretty tame, but back then it did more than raise a few eyebrows.

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Now you can take that eyebrow-raising template and make something out of it yourself, as developers Running With Scissors have used this almost-20-year milestone as an excuse to make the game open source. Now anyone can poke around in the original source code, tweak it, make a new game out of it, make complex mods – do whatever they want.

“People have been asking, and we have been promising this for years now, but today we are proud to announce that the source code for Postal is officially released to the public on Bitbucket, under the GPL2 license,” say Running With Scissors on Steam.

“Everyone now has ‘under the hood’ access, to see what makes Postal tick, and anyone with the time and skills can now tweak/change/update/modify anything in the game at all! And hey, if anyone feels the urge to port the game to other platforms (The Dreamcast, for example *wink* *wink*), then they absolutely can!

“This has been a long time coming, and we are tickled pink to see what the community will be able to put together from this (no seriously, someone get on that Dreamcast port. We’re not joking).”

You can also grab the source code over on GitHub.