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Prep for GTA V with Green Man Gaming’s Rockstar sale - and earn store credit

The Bobcat Megatruck makes short work of Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto the Fifth is coming to the PC – everyone at Rockstar knew it, everyone outside Rockstar knew it, and now even the public-facing people at the publisher are prepared to admit it.

Green Man Gaming have us sorted for the build-up with a bunch of terribly inexpensive Rockstar games: spend some time getting to know GTA’s current handling model in GTA IV; work out how to survive slightly iffy ports of open world games in LA Noire; and remember why we even care with the Complete GTA Bundle.

GMG have a sister site named Playfire – a gaming-focused social network in the middle of a Rewards beta. Essentially, they want to make achievements a tangible, reusable thing by matching their points value with store credit.

Log into Playfire while you’re on Steam, and you can earn small amounts of cash to spend on GMG while you play.

Start up GTA IV for the first time and you’ll nab 10p. Shoot your way past Max Payne 3’s Point Of No Return, and you’ll get another 10p for your trauma. Unlock LA Noire’s enigmatically named achievement, The Moose, for £50p. And so on.

Finish every one of the PCGamesN-related rewards linked to today’s sale, and you could hypothetically earn £7.30 in GMG credit – which is more than enough to bag the GTA Bundle that incorporates everything from GTA III to Episodes from Liberty City.

So, yes: here are the best reward-compatible deals in the sale, which ends 10am BST tomorrow.

Rockstar Bundle – 83% off

Was £85.92

Now £14.60

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition – 80% off

Was £29.99

Now £5.99

Complete GTA Bundle – 80% off

Was £34.99

Now £6.99

Max Payne 3 Complete Pack – 80% off

Was £26.98

Now £5.39

LA Noire The Complete Edition – 80% off

Was £24.99

Now £4.99

Besides those, I’d personally recommend Operation Flashpoint: Red River – the most avant-garde CoD-influenced tactical shooter there is. Anything else take your fancy?