There’s a Prey demo coming at the end of the month, but not for PC

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Bethesda are releasing a demo for Prey, Arkane Studios’ upcoming immersive sim, at the end of this month. Unfortunately, the press release states the demo will only be landing on PS4 and Xbox One - there’s no mention of PC at all. 

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The demo will give console players access to the first hour of the game a week ahead of launch. We have reached out to Bethesda to ask if there are any plans for a PC demo, but there’s been no response so far.

It’s a shame if there won’t be a PC demo. After all, many will be wanting to test the game after Dishonored 2 performed so poorly on a range of setups. 

It doesn’t help that Bethesda’s current review code policy means there won’t be any critic verdicts ahead of launch. All this will no doubt add up to cast a shadow over a potentially great game. 

We’ll update if Bethesda comment. 

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Rich avatarKinth! avatarCygnusBlack avatar
Rich Avatar
1 Week ago

Hope no one is planning to pre-order.

Kinth! Avatar
1 Week ago

Well at least they have inadvertently let us know to avoid another shitty port. No reviews suggests bigger problems.

CygnusBlack Avatar
1 Week ago

They're also protecting their precious exe and dll files against an early crack.

You don't want Denuvo to be defeated after 1 week like it happened with RE7, right?