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Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where JFK wasn’t assassinated


Prey takes place in the future, but it’s not our world as we know it. One big difference has created a domino effect, changing humanity’s trajectory and sending our species to the stars. 

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Prey takes place in 2032, onboard a space station called Talos 1. In this world, former American president John F Kennedy survived his assassination, sending America down a different path and prompting the rest of the world to follow.

Here the space program has had more attention and funds, propelling the tech forward that’s needed for our species to flourish in the cosmos. This in turn had a knock-on effect on sofas, lighting and architecture, giving us a neo-deco future aesthetic. It looks lovely for it.

The environments look stunning, all lavish and extravagant. That’s thanks to the space station’s corporate owners, who built it so it appeals to the world’s greatest scientific minds.

Check out the new trailer below: