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Give Talos I a spring clean: new Prey trailer shows off the power of the Recycler

Prey Recycler

In recognition of Earth Day yesterday, Bethesda have released an environmental friendly trailer for sci-fi thriller Prey. Centred around the power of the Recycler, this trailer shows scientist and now space janitor Morgan Yu recycling anything and everything laying about on Talos I. Yes, that does include Typhon aliens and human corpses.

Ahead of May 5, here is everything we know about Prey.

Almost every item in Prey can be broken down into its component parts and then recycled. Once broken down, Yu can use the raw materials from the recycling process to crafting ammo, medkits and even Neuromods, should players have the schematic for it.

However, hope is not lost if you are nowhere near a Recycler or want to recycle something big, like the corpse of a Typhon. Thanks to the experimental Recycler Charge, players can recycle the remnants of an entire room using this trash-gobbling device. Simply chuck in into a room or stick it to an enemy you want to recycle and watch as raw materials rain down from the sky. Do be careful as while it’s great to go green, the Recycler Charge can suck you in and recycle you, so keep at a safe distance when clearing out a room.

Using the Recycler Charge can “possibly reveal some new pathways through Talos I” says lead designer Ricardo Bare, making it the ultimate companion for the environmentally conscious explorer. Just don’t get too obsessed with cleaning Talos I, Yu does have a mission to complete on the station and there are deadly aliens in pursuit.

You’ll be able to discover all of the uses for the Recycler on May 5, when Prey finally launches on PC. Pre-orders are live for dedicated space janitors, with Prey going for $59.99/£39.99.