Ubisoft giving away free games every month for their 30th starting with Prince of Persia

prince of persia sands of time

We all dread it. Hitting the big three-oh. The sign that you’ve reached maturity and now all that’s left is possibly being swallowed by a much larger media empire.

Need to update your classic library? Here are the top classic games on PC.

To their credit, Ubisoft are dealing with their 30th birthday quite well, announcing on stage at E3 that they’d be giving away some free games to mark the occasion through Ubi Club.

The first of which you can find right here and is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. A classic, by anyone’s books, so having that in your library will at least fill massive gaps in your gaming history if you’ve not had the pleasure already.

There’ll be a new game free every month through the year so check back for July’s free game when, y’know, time happens and it’s not June anymore. That’s how this works.