Prison Architect final Alpha build and video released, game reaches version 1 in October


The long, strange trip of Prison Architect’s Early Access period is almost over. After three years of doing monthly videos and releasing builds with ever more interesting ways to house prisoners and stop them killing each other, the release version will be coming out in October. The final YouTube alpha video is now available, going over recent additions to the game focusing on random events.

A blog post details the latest patch in reading format, if you’re not one for videos (bless you). Events have two states, normal and extreme, and some will only happen when certain conditions are met. The normal versions will be dealable with, while the extreme ones will at best disrupt all of your plans and at worst mean a rather serious case of game over.

While Prison Architect isn’t quite content complete yet, Introversion say that bug fixing is now their number one priority. Early Access users are happy to accept the odd game-breaker or crash to desktop, but once you’ve stripped that tag, the hordes will not be so easily sated.

There’s to be a livestream from UK-based games expo EGX on the 26th of September at 2pm as a sort of teaser for the launch of game. It’ll take the form of a live version of one of the above videos, which are set to continue after the final release of the game, keeping the community updated on what’s being worked on next. Presumably, we’ll also soon get to see what else Introversion are working on soon.

You can grab Prison Architect from them or on Steamfor about $30/£20.