Prison Architect’s first post-release update brings shared cells and rebalanced escape mode


Prison Architect was one of the first big Early Access games released onto Steam’s preview platform, hitting in a batch of ones you’e heard of like ARMA 3 and Kerbal Space Program during March 2013. It was finally released fully last month, but that doesn’t mean development has stopped. The regular updates and therefore videos will continue as new features are added and tweaked.

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Not to disrespect Mark and Chris’ lovely banter, but if you want to get to the meat of the update, skip to about ten minutes. Alternatively, here’s the text-o-form version, via the Introversion forums.

  • Dormitaries have been added, along with bunkbeds, to allow multi-prisoner cells. This scales from bunkmate rooms to large complexes with shared recreational facilities.
  • Prisoner Intake has been expanded to allow for more options in how and when new prisoners are taken on.
  • Escape Mode has had a large number of changes to rebalance it in favour of the AI in the hopes this will make it more fun for the player. This includes limiting the ammo on weapons and automatically repairing damage you do.
  • Tweaks and bug fixes all over the shop, particularly for gangs.

Having posted about a few of these over the years, there isn’t a big difference here from many of their previous updates. It’s on the smaller side for them, but otherwise it looks like Introversion are more than willing to continue the same pace of development they had before until Prison Architect is a fine-tuned convict-holding machine. Remember when games were ever fully ‘finished’? An endless stream of free patches and DLC await basically any purchase now. Which do you prefer?