Prison Architect's launch trailer reminds us that there are prisons to mismanage | PCGamesN

Prison Architect's launch trailer reminds us that there are prisons to mismanage

Prison Architect launch trailer

After three years of testing and a long stint in Early Access, that’s Prison Architect finally released. For a heck of a lot of people, this just means that you should reinstall it and check out the new features, like Escape mode. 

Or you could watch this awful launch trailer. 

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The game, at least, is significantly better than the trailer suggests. More informative and less unpleasant is this presentation on the new features that have been added to the game since Early Access. 

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Right, I reckon it’s time to make a poorly funded, terribly mismanaged prison, and then try to escape from it. 

You can grab it on Steam where it's 33% off until October 13th. 

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Amdisity avatar
Amdisity Avatar
2 Years ago

First of all, fantastic game! But here's a thought. I've owned PA for quite a while now, and played it a lot on the early alphas, but when I got wind that V1 would be coming out in the somewhat near future, I stopped playing. With the thought process behind this being that I wanted to play more content that's new to me all at once, and feel like there's a new game actually getting released. This time that worked and I'm already all over the game on v1 release day, perhaps because the game was easy and enjoyable to follow through the development process with their hilarious, informative and reliable monthly update videos.

Other games that I've done this for however have slipped by me and lost my interest. Games who pre promise to release lots of DLC, or already announce that there'll be expansions coming make me reconsider buying the game on release, since I don't want to play a game that doesn't have all the features and content in it (due to not having time to replay a game later, or at some point getting the feeling of, 'Oh, a new dlc/expansion...I've missed out on something'. I don't want to feel like that, so I don't bother buying the game. I want to play The Witcher 3 for example, but stuff keeps coming out for it, dlc/expansions. I wonder what'll come first, they'll finish with adding to the game so I can happily play it in its entirety, or that I get bored waiting and move on. I feel like this is a common problem now with most games I like the look of.

Luckily Prison Architect drew me back to it.

Edit. But OMG yeah, the trailer's so bad x_x""! The other trailer they showed at the end of their EGX show was terrible too. Might've been best for them to invest properly to produce a better advert for the game.