Doom-style retro FPS Prodeus is now in Steam Early Access

If you miss the classic FPS days of Quake and Doom, you'll definitely want to check out Bounding Box' latest game, Prodeus

If you love ripping and tearing your way through enemies, you’ll want to check out Prodeus. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and two years of development, Bounding Box and Humble Games are ready to launch Prodeus, their Doom-inspired FPS on Steam Early Access.

Jason Mojica, one of Prodeus’ lead developers, wanted to focus on creating interesting maps that are designed to be replayed multiple times. In addition to a full campaign mode, Prodeus includes a built-in level designer for players to create their own maps. The map creation tools have been simplified to ensure players of all skill levels are able to create exactly what they want. There’s even a cross-platform map browser with leaderboard support that makes playing new levels a simple experience.

Prodeus borrows the classic ’90s FPS aesthetic and blends it with modern rendering techniques like dynamic lighting – the result is a completely unique art style. If you aren’t nostalgic for those older games, there is an option in the settings to disable the sprite renders and switch models back to full 3D.

Doom fans listening to the game’s Early Access trailer may have noticed the game’s soundtrack sounds somewhat familiar. That’s because Andrew Hulshult, co-composer of the latest Doom Eternal DLC soundtrack, worked with James Paddock to create Prodeus’ headbanging tracks.

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You can pick up an Early Access copy of Prodeus on Steam or the Humble Store for $24.99 / £19.49. Bounding Box is expecting Prodeus to remain in Early Access for the next eight to 12 months. If you do like the look of the game, you may want to buy it sooner rather than later as the price is expected to increase after launch.