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1 Year ago
The best Minecraft modsThe best Minecraft mods
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unless you know how to make a video game with millions of people playing it you have no idea how hard it is! i bought this program to make mods, and it took me over a year to successfully make one item! so stop critizing them unless you made a video game like gta or something

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If you're an actual developer who knows how to program (like me), then you'd know how badly Minecraft was made. Its massively under-optimized, ultra-buggy, and the team behind it make billions but haven't fixed problems that have been around since the beginning. Why should I have to install Optifine to get features the game should have built in? Also, you don't have to have made a great game to criticise games, in the same way you don't need to be a 5 Michelin star chef to know a meal is shit.

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