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Intel Core i5 8400 review: this is THE gaming Coffee LakeIntel Core i5 8400 review: this is THE gaming Coffee Lake
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Hi Dave, where can I find that Attila benchmark? I mainly play Total War games and I'm currently looking for a new system. The problem with TW games (especially the older titles up to Attila) is bad use of modern hardware. They only run on one core and barely use more than 4 GB video memory from what I've read.

My current system is an i5 4670K @ 4.1 Ghz and a GTX 780. An ancient system for any recent game, but I wonder whether an i7 7700K and a Titan X would even make much of a difference with Total War games or just be a waste of money. I've seen videos on youtube of people running Attila at 40 fps in huge siege battles, using an i7 8700 K and a 1080 Ti.....which is just absolutely terrible, at 1080p nonetheless!

Which CPU and GPU would you recommend for a guy playing mainly Total War and strategy games?


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Total War is a real system hog, and most especially the Attila engine. The high IPC performance of the Intel processors seem to work best with TW, and Civ VI too, so I'd probably say that at least for now you're better off on Intel for those sorts of games.

As for GPU, you just need to get the most powerful one you can afford from team GeForce.

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