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2 Years ago
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3: release date, gameplay, multiplayer - everything we knowWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3: release date, gameplay, multiplayer - everything we know
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I hope that DoW 3 is more like DoW 1, because as a solo player I did not like DoW2 at all.

Relic seems to believe that RTS gamers do not want to build a base. There’s no base building in Dawn of War 2 and there is no serious AI. It mostly hangs around passively and never does something to surprise you ever. DoW 1 was so different and advanced in that respect. DoW 2 was a stone age game compared to that.
I stopped playing DoW2 after a mere 10 hours or so (even though I own all DoW2 games), but I still play Dawn of War 1 after all these years. I can’t even guess how many hours I have poured into the DoW 1 series. It must be many thousands of hours. The same goes for the excellent Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, which also has great base building and a reasonably good AI (especially with mods).
What Relic does not realize is that base building, if done well, is hugely enjoyable. It adds an extra dimension to RTS. It adds an extra layer of decision making and it offers important natural and realistic strategic objectives. It adds meaning to a battle and it makes things feel more personal, when for example the enemy destroys an important structure in you base. It is much more fun than only using some sort of capture the flag system like in DoW2 and Company of Heroes.

DoW1 had also a great modding community because DOW1 allowed modders much better access to it's systems. DoW 2 virtually killed all this.

Of course the visuals of DoW 2 were great. The Tyranids looked plain awesome. But visuals are not enough. I hated DoW 2 as a game. It was a horrible, horrible game for solo players. A huge disappointment.

To be frank I have very little hope concerning DoW 3 for an RTS fanatic like me.Reply
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Exactly the same with me.

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