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2 Years ago
Why has Derek Smart picked a fight with Star Citizen?Why has Derek Smart picked a fight with Star Citizen?
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Derek's demands as presented here sound reasonable. But this article is missing a lot of things. SC backers want Derek out, because he's a hypocrite who's done terrible things to his customers and colleagues.

1. Derek's never even installed any part SC. How is he in any position to claim that CIG hasn't delivered?

2. CIG is already giving out refunds to those who ask. Why is Derek still yelling about refunds? CIG is known for good customer service, let's see what Derek is known for: When LoD customers want refunds, he says EA disallows refunds. Rubbish! Read Steam's refund policy yourself. Steam has said that if Derek just posts a notice saying that Customer [username] is allowed a refund, Steam will honor it. To this, Derek just replies "my previous statement that EA = no refund" is all I have to say., and walks away. Who do you think should have a good hard look at their refund policy and treatment of customers, CIG or Derek?

3. If CIG is evil for being 1 year late, what about LoD with its 2 year 9 month delay? LoD was to be released end 2012, YouTube has a video of him saying that to a reporter at Gamescon '12. Today, the game is still in Early Access! His claims that he's changed the engine, so... where's the proof? If you look at his promo materials at the end of the Gamescon video, and today's materials on Steam EA, they're the same. But OK, maybe he's no lying. What about committting to a hard release date, something he's himself thinks is so important. Well, he's also said that Steam allows him to be in Early Access for as long as he pleases, and he's quietly changed his own release dates at least once WITHOUT notifying customers.

These 3 are just a small bits of Derek's hypocrisy that I have time to share today. You don't have to care about SC, but ask yourself if this man is worthy of your support for ANY cause.
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