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AskJesus responded to MrJinxed comment in
3 Years ago
The best zombie games on PCThe best zombie games on PC
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Where's Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead? Maybe not mainstream enough, but it is without a doubt the most comprehensive zombie survival game ever made. It is so complex, but also extremely deep. I suppose we'll have to do with Project Zomboid, which is sort of a dumbed down version of C:DDA (not the same devs though).

And not to be negative, but if plants vs. zombies are there, why not minecraft? :P

And what about The Last of Us. Granted, they were called "Infected", but it was just a bunch of zombies, no? :)

(also, why can't I make linebreaks and/or paragraphs appear when I post. There's no problem in the editor, but it won't carry over to the final posted version)

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Minecraft is a survival game with zombies as an enemy in the game. In an average comparison, 1/7 enemies in the overworld would be a zombie. Plus, Plants vs. Zombies has Zombies in the title. Its based around fighting zombies.

The Last of Us is not a PC game, and this is a PC list.

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AskJesus responded to magicus comment in
4 Years ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
magicus Avatar

Except that it's pretty obvious which is your favorite game, considering you have it bannered at the top of the article, give it a perfect review, and say you're installing the client again as you're writing! And by the way, I played Quake 3 for 10 years, no PvP in any MMO out there comes remotely close to that kind of competitive FPS gameplay.

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Well, that really comes down to opinion. I have had some really fun experiences that have made me feel the rush in games like World of Warcraft. It really comes down to preference of genre and game.

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