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7 Months ago
Which MOBA is right for you?Which MOBA is right for you?
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Oddly I played HOTS for about a year before I tried LOL for the first time. I mostly just wanted something different and the impression I had from LOL was that it had stiffer competition. I've since returned to HOTS as the better game.

My main issue with LOL, ironically, is that the queue times are way too long and often make no sense. For a game that boasts a massive amount of players, it certainly isn't reflected in queue times. I often have to wait 10-15 minutes for a single game at what is considered low mmr where I imagine a lot of players are. The queue ALWAYS says 1-2 minute queue times, and there are supposed systems in place to prevent long queue times. I often queue for "support" and "fill" just to hopefully get a game quicker, but no such luck. I have no idea what the "Autofill Protection" system does as it certainly is not doing it's job of creating quick matches.

LOL is a very successful waiting line simulator.

Oh and don't even get me started on DOTA2.. a horrible representation of the original, which I played extensively.
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You kidding me?

LoL is the shortest queue specially compare to HOTS

very very very short queues...

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