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7 Months ago
Bluehole say PUBG player banned for stream sniping was lobby hopping to try to secure killsBluehole say PUBG player banned for stream sniping was lobby hopping to try to secure kills
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It's fairly obvious what Bluehole and PU care about, and that's the dollaroo. Streamers bring in players, and viewers, which all adds up. If they piss off a streamer, then they lose that viewership.
So they'll believe anything that comes out of their mouths. Insta-banning without due process is proof of this.

What's worse is that they have clearly accepted that the report system is being abused by streamers. While they actively get their viewership to report players, Bluehole and PU are accepting it.

How can they have those rules in place? Allowing streamers to abuse the reporting system, while systematically banning anyone that they do report?

Hardly a fair way to handle players. Giving streamers higher privileges in their game, while the regular player gets shitted on if they are unlucky enough to land in a server with a child-streamer who throws his mouth off whenever he gets killed.

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I agree entirely. Especially when you reach the higher rankings/ELO ratings, you'll get more and more of the same people, so being killed or seeing the same person in your games isn't even necessarily indicative that they're "sniping" you.

Also, there are various levels of sniping as well... some may be just trying to click play at the same time so you might get in the same match, some may be more nefarious and actually using their streams to figure out exactly where they landing and stalking them. The former I have no problems with really, the latter I think is shitty, but still shouldn't be bannable really as the streamer literally publishes their stream.

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