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BazGibb responded to YesIAmTheSpaceman comment in
1 Year ago
The best Overwatch characters in each classThe best Overwatch characters in each class
YesIAmTheSpaceman Avatar

"I don't understand Overwatch"

This is clear, and it makes the rest of your comnent unnecessary, and more pretentious than thought-provoking.

"That may seem hypocritical from somebody who plays Battleborn every now and then"

It doesn't seem hypocritical, it IS hypocritical. Your entire argument is ad hominem, and could very easily be applied to Gearbox or any other multimedia company.

"How easily swayed and brainwashed people are without ever realizing it"

Literally EVERYTHING that involves marketing is trying to sway you. People here aren't 'easily swayed' just because a marketing campaign works.

"It's not a bad game. It's just incredibly mediocre"

Pro tip for next time - just use that sentence with the qualifier 'I believe' or 'my personal opinion is', and spare people the whole wall of text telling them how evolved you are.

BazGibb Avatar

Funny enough I've been thinking about the exact same thing you mentioned in your very last paragraph. You'll probably remember yourself that during the rise of the internet over 20 years back everyone used to start their diatribe with "I believe" or "my personal opinion is..."

The Rise of Douchebaggery is a direct result of that etiquette falling by the wayside, because now anyone who makes a comment without it comes across as a self entitled bellend.

IMHO of course ;)

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Mountain_Man Avatar
Mountain_Man responded to BazGibb's comment in
3 Years ago
Elite: Dangerous reviewElite: Dangerous review
BazGibb Avatar

Elite Dangerous was funded to the tune of £1.7m against a development cost of £8m - FD took the vast majority of the risk - which is how it should be.

If you want an example of a what is bad about Kickstarter etc focus on Star Citizen. It has currently been crowdfunded to the tune of $70m and that is rising every week. The developers have put absolutely zero money into in so they have nothing to lose should it turn out to be rubbish. All that exists so far is a hangar you can use to look around your ship and arena commander in which you can fly said ship around shooting at things. Their stretch goals include things like "if we raise another $1m we shall put pets in" and things like that.

Mountain_Man Avatar

Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen and both examples of the problems with "crowd funding" even if Star Citizen happens to be a more egregious offender.

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BazGibb Avatar
BazGibb responded to gw74 comment in
3 Years ago
Elite: Dangerous reviewElite: Dangerous review
gw74 Avatar

proper team co-op is coming "early 2015" and is called "Wings". confirmed by lead developer on 5th Dec. see Frontier forums.

BazGibb Avatar

"Knowing Frontier?" They've built the current game, which incidentally has great reviews, on a budget of £8m - of which £1.7m was crowdfunded.

Compare that to SC - $70m funded ENTIRELY by the public, with nothing but a motley collection of separate modules and the promise of pets to show for it.

If Frontier charge for extra content then they deserve it. They've taken most of the risk to make it a success. Chris Roberts hasn't.

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