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5 Years ago
Wildman at Bay: Inside Chris Taylor's fight to save Gas Powered GamesWildman at Bay: Inside Chris Taylor's fight to save Gas Powered Games
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Supcom was the greatest and maybe the last good strategy game. It was a jewel. I played with it for more than a year building a liitle community around it. I voiced my opinion on the official forums too, that the game will fail because even its a genious and high quality game, the support for community was zero. There was an external lobby system which was pure crap, and it only prevented people for finding each other and support a consistent background envirovment for everyday gaming. They even banned me from the forum for saying this that time.
And eventually I was perfectly right. Because the multiplayer part was not well accessible for new players, no communities could form around the game which would keep the players with the game. The new players didn't take the time to try out multiplayer well, and the number of players slowly went down leaving just a minor hardcore community.
The difference between supcom and for example starcraft2 is, that even tho supcom is a much better strategy game, blizzard built a very robust lobby system with which was far more superiour even in 1998 than what supcom had in 2008. And that meant that the latter was far more succesful because communites could easily form around multiplayer gaming.

And after this Chris Taylor has drawn an absolutly false conclusion: That the players are too dumb for SUPCOM, and there is no need for complex and challenging games on the market.

And so he produced Supcom 2 which was a very much dumbed down, inferior version of SUPCOM which was even a bigger fail. This is the first chapter of the story and you can read the results above.
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