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2 Years ago
How the deck is stacked against women in e-sportsHow the deck is stacked against women in e-sports
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You're looking at this wrong, making a "sexist" comment does not makes the person sexist. Hear me out.
The kinds of people that are toxic and troll do not care what they call you, they only care about hurting you/annoying you.

Are you female? Go back to the kitchen. High pitched voice? You're 12/have your balls dropped yet. Black? Gay? Disabled? You get the idea.
They will use any and all information you give them to make the insult more personal, and therefor more damaging. If you start focusing on "they are so sexist" you miss the point entirely. They are just bad people.

It's like how Riot seem to currently only perma-ban for sexist/hate speech. So because I'm a white male they can be toxic and only (potentially) get muted/temp-banned? Seems pretty stupid.
They need to get tough on every bit of toxic speech, not make a special protected class, or they'll get nowhere.

In regard to female/male ratios, I'm a firm believer in better=better paid/represented, competition must be encouraged in all regards.
So in regard to football for example, males get paid more because they are more able.
In regard to e-sports, you can not honestly tell me a team would not take a player based on gender if they were good enough, they just want to win nothing else matters. A lot of it will also arise from the mojority of female gamers being "casual gamers" (you've all seen the stats I assume), so where the number might seem off, the actual amount of females who want to be pro is significantly less.
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