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The best Minecraft modsThe best Minecraft mods
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unless you know how to make a video game with millions of people playing it you have no idea how hard it is! i bought this program to make mods, and it took me over a year to successfully make one item! so stop critizing them unless you made a video game like gta or something

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I agree with 67kanew all of you guys should stop criticizing Minecraft because in reality it is run by humans and Notch already sold the company to Microsoft, that's why there is a windows 10 version, and Microsoft doesn't only use 100% of it's time planning Minecraft. Actually, most of Microsoft's "Minecraft" time is used on PE so they can get it up to date with PC so everyone can cross-play. And to respond to the smart-man "wagwan", I am also a developer that works to make games from JS and Python and even HTML, Minecraft it not supposed to be some GTA/Call Of Duty. It is supposed to be a creative game where kids and adults of all ages can build and have fun. MC is not perfect, but it's glitch's make the game fun and also what bugs are you talking about becuase Microsoft updates MC somewhere between monthly to every 2 months and everytime they do update it is not to add some new features it is to fix bugs, which, in fact, are created by the updates themselves that they made. Now why do they have bugs? BECUASE THE WHOLE MC COMMUNITY WANTS THE UPDATE FASTER. Also, to you know how hard it is to make just and ordinary MC Zombie. It takes months (the first time they make it) so why should you know how to do this type coding when all you probably make are games on SCRATCH and even with that you probably need help with that too. Also, You don't have to be a big coder to criticize code but you still need to know the basics and the averages of code. How would you know how MC works? DO YOU WORK THERE! NO! You have shook me and probably the 4 other Billion who are part of the fricking MC Community. SO JUST KEEP QUIET!

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